Join Us For A Beer!

At the Hilltop, we proudly serve a large selection of beer crafted from carefully selected barley,
wheat and hops. We are excited to announce that we are now serving 7 local craft beer as well…Picaroon’s Red, Best Bitter & Dooryard, Garrison Raspberry Wheat Ale, Big Axe Blonde & Firefly IPA, Pumphouse Crafty Radler. Take a look below to learn more about our best beers.


It’s a clean and simple pale lager and one of the more popular beer varieties.


Stouts have an unclear history, yet it’s strongly held by many that they derive from porters.


Pale ale is one of the world’s most popular beer styles. It’s made with the use of pale malt.


It’s a very old style beer, whose history dates back to unhopped ales.